Sunday, January 30, 2011

Welcome New Executive Reps!

Good evening Alums!
Our election nominators for two open positions closed on Friday. We had two parties nominated and decided to forego a formal vote. After discussing with the nominated parties, our new First Year Representative is Chris Bentley.

My name is Chris Bentley, and I am very interested in the 1st Year Representative position for AmeriCorps Alums. When I started with AmeriCorps, I didn't know my community or the needs within it. It was largely through my opportunities in AmeriCorps that I became aware of how I could help, and through undertaking projects and volunteering at various organizations, I grew as a person. Now, I would like to give back to this organization by acting as a mentor so that everyone involved can be fully successful and experience the exhilarating feeling that comes with service!

Chris will help us with the following over the rest of the semester:
a)   Serve as liaison between 1st year SPEA students and AmeriCorps Alums
b)   Directly assist the Professional Development Coordinator with planning and implementing events
c)   Directly assist the Service Coordinator with planning and implementing events
d) Directly assist the Outreach Coordinator with AmeriCorps outreach and membership recruitment

We also had an opening for a First Year Social Chair and Lindsi Lara-Perez and Evan Davies submitted a nomination for co-representatives. They will help us this year to:
a)   Plan and organize AmeriCorps Alums social events
b)   Be responsible for sending event announcements to AmeriCorps Alums through the listserv
c)   Send announcements on the AmeriCorps Alums Facebook page
d) Send announcements on the AmeriCorps Alums blog
e)   Distribute flyers and information for social events throughout Bloomington

Lindsi and Evan are first-year MPA students who both served two years with City Year and the YMCA, respectively.  They are both excited about joining AmeriCorps Alums Bloomington and furthering the group's mission here at SPEA.

Thanks so much for being a part of AmeriCorps Alums Bloomington and we look forward to an exciting semester!

Enjoy the last night of the weekend,


AmeriCorps Alums Bloomington
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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fwd: Election Nominations Reminder and Service Opportunity

Good Morning Alums,

Here is a quick reminder that nominations for 1st year representatives are due by COB today. If you are interested in getting more involved this year, please just hit "reply" and send us a few sentences about yourself and what your interests are. 

Have a great day!

AmeriCorps Alums Bloomington

Below is a message from the SAO that might interest our members:

Due to the service-based orientation of your student organization, I would like to bring an opportunity for further service to the Bloomington community to your attention.  Homeward Bound is a walk that aims to raise awareness about homelessness in Indiana.  You can participate in this initiative by simply registering for the walk itself and by donating to the walk; please note that all funds raised stay in Bloomington.  As an IU student, you are also part of the Bloomington community, so please take the opportunity to learn more about Homeward Bound:


Thanks, and have a wonderful afternoon!


Jared R. Eakins

Student Organizations and Leadership Advisor, Student Activities Office

Divison of Student Affairs

Indiana University Bloomington



AmeriCorps Alums-Bloomington, Indiana Chapter 

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Election Update, Volunteer Opportunity and Happy Hour Reminder

Good afternoon!

I hope the first couple weeks of the semester haven't been too crazy for everyone and that you can all make it out to Yogi's from 5-7pm for our January Happy Hour. Our 1st Year Representative meeting was set to close today, but we are going to extend the deadline for one more week. Thank you to those who have already submitted statements! Our next "e-board" meeting will be Tuesday at 7pm in the SPEA grad lounge. We meet every other Tuesday at 7pm. Anyone who is interested in being a part of AmeriCorps Alums Bloomington (community members included!) but would like more information is welcome to come to that meeting. We have built a lot of momentum over the past year and would like to find a good team of 1st years to continue that into the fall 2011/spring 2012 academic year. 

Below is a local volunteer opportunity. We hope to schedule an orientation soon, but this past week was difficult to coordinate. Please respond back to this email if you are interested in having something set up at SPEA, or contact Holly directly:

Since 2005, Area 10 has been helping local senior citizens and people with disabilities stay in their homes by improving the accessibility and maintaining the safety of their houses through the REPAIRS Team. That stands for Reliable Experts Providing Accessibility, Independence, Repairs, and Safety.
Our REPAIRS Team has done everything from building ramps to changing batteries in smoke detectors. One request that our current team cannot meet is snow removal. In fact, we know of no group that offers snow removal to the public in Monroe or Owen counties. We need a large crew to call upon this winter to shovel, sweep, and salt walkways to ensure all our neighbors are safe.
You are invited to call to schedule a volunteer orientation and hear the details of how the program works. After you’ve attended orientation, you will be “on-call” after a snowstorm to shovel/sweep/salt a client’s walkway. We ask that you commit to shoveling at least twice in the winter of 2011. You may also continue to volunteer with the REPAIRS Team after winter if you choose. Anyone can volunteer, although we ask people 13 and under to volunteer with an adult. If you have questions, please contact Holly or (812) 876-3383 extension 522.

Thank you all and hope to see you soon!


Friday, January 14, 2011

MLK Day is Monday! Are you looking for a way to get involved?

Time: 8am-1pm

Where: 827 West 14th Court

What: We will be cleaning and painting interior walls of the building in the childcare program and gym. Some volunteers may complete additional projects such as organizing the food pantry and creating bags for hungry families.

How: Make sure to wear clothes that can get paint on them! If you need a ride to the volunteer site, please meet in the parking lot behind SPEA at 7:40 am and let the event organizer know when you RSVP.

Spots are limited! To RSVP or ask questions, email Danielle Rankin at